St. John's is a caring place where everyone can live, learn and grow together in Christ.

Master Plan and Building Project




It had been 91 years since Pr. Herman Meyer and the first families of this congregation swung open the door of their brand new church building and processed in singing, "Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty." And 63 years since Pr. Julius Gockel and the next generation of families added a parish hall to meet the changing needs of the new families that were finding their way into this community at that time.

It was time to take our turn!

And after several years of imagining, planning, talking, and funding, tearing down and building up, the Building Project was complete in November, 2017 and dedicated to the Glory of God, to be used by current and future generations, in December, 2017.

The renewed spaces and reorganized places are welcoming even more groups and projects, and helping people serve, worship, play, rehearse, meet and socialize both now and in the future.  St. John's is Welcoming, Growing, Serving!


Below, you can find the history of this process in the campaign newsletters.



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