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We hope that the information we have presented in recent years on the biblical paradigm for giving called tithing has inspired you to take a few small percentage steps towards that goal. But here we're not talking about doubling or tripling your donations. We're talking about $1. That's right. If everyone increased their offering even just $1 a week, it would have a surprisingly significant impact on offsetting the modest increase in the cost of funding our programs this year.

Here’s the math.
120 households x $1 = $120 per week
$120 per week x 52 weeks = $6,240

So you see, if $1 more a week really can have a significant impact on funding our programs this year, imagine what an extra $5 could do?

$6,240 x 5 = $31,200 Wow!

That's the size of the impact that we can have if every household in the congregation chooses to take even a small step forward.

Our approach to stewardship should be as a thankful people, and our giving should be second nature without any expectation of reward. We already know God’s grace is ours and eternal life will be waiting for us – what more do we need? Take this first step. We promise that the Lord will be there making sure you will always have more than enough.

Your Stewardship Team





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You and your family can make sandwiches and pack brown bag meals. Even the littlest ones can put a banana and two cookies in a lunch bag and have fun doing it. Join volunteers in the St. John’s kitchen from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month. You can also bake cookies at home and drop them off. We always need cookies. Visit to learn more about this ministry. God’s work, Your hands.




Can you and your family spend time at St. John’s with a child or parent in a temporary homeless situation? Sign up to be a Family Promise evening host from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Help with homework, watch a DVD, play games or just listen. Our host week happens three times a year. Visit to find out more about our hospitality network. God’s work, Your heart.




Can you help us serve a meal at the St. Paul’s soup kitchen? Volunteers meet at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Evanston on selected Sundays from 1:30-4:00 p.m. Set up for, serve and/or clean up after a hot nutritious meal for over 75 guests. God’s work, Our hands.


Be Generous With Your Talents. God has gifted you in many ways!




Has God bless you with the gift of teaching? If so, then prayerfully consider joining our Sunday School teaching team. New teachers and assistants are always welcome. God's work, Your enthusiasm.


Are you a singer? If so, come and meet our choir director and a group of friendly people who like to sing as much as you do. God’s work, Our voices.


Are you a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, horn player? Come and jam with our praise band. We’re always looking for new talent. God’s work, Our hands.


Can you quilt? If not, you can learn. It’s easy and fun. Our quilters meet over the noon hour on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Last year they made and shipped 75 quilts to relief agencies all over the world. God’s work, Your hands.


Be Generous With Your Treasure. You have more than you know.


Do you have any coins to share? Our children take up a "noisy offering" of change each week to benefit ELCA World Hunger. Bring your change and help them out! God’s work, Your spare change.